GSBatchPrint and the SPLViewer are freeware. There is no charge for their use.

With PrintMulti there are three options. You install and use PrintMulti
  • on a Windows server operating system
    ⇒ You need a server licence for each server (physical or virtual).
  • on a client operating system and the printing user is a member of a Windows domain
    ⇒ The basic functionality is free. For extended functions you need a client licence.
  • on a client operating system and the printing user is not a member of a Windows domain
    ⇒ PrintMulti can be used without a licence.

When you start the licence manager, it will give you information about the necessary licence.
The decisive factor for the client licence is whether the printing user belongs to a domain.

Prices for PrintMulti

Operating systemNumber of licencesCost per licence
Server1 - 4200 €
Server5 - 10175 €
Serverfrom 11150 €
Client1 - 420 €
Clientab 515 €
  • Please order licences by e-mail for the time being.
  • All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate of 19%.
  • Special conditions apply to deliveries abroad. 
  • All previously purchased licences for version 1.x are also valid for version 2.x.

As of Windows 8 or Server 2012, version 3 drivers must be used for the PrintMulti printer. You can use the drivers offered in the Download area. The download archive also contains a readme file with more information.

Here is a list of the advanced functions
  • Raw printing

    If the print job is spooled in raw format (e.g. Postscript, PCL, ...), the possibilities are limited. Spooling in raw format is simpler in terms of architecture and Microsoft is tending more and more in this direction. 

  • Saving the print output to graphic files

    You can save entire pages or sections as graphic files in many formats and process them further if necessary.

  • The output of texts, rectangles/lines, graphics

    Enables e.g.: Folding marks, watermarks, ...

  • The use of forms as background or separator pages

    Forms stored in saved SPL files can be contributed to the printout.