is a frontend for printing PDF files on Windows printers using Ghostscript.
  • Printing multiple files using file masks

  • Continuous run with moving of successful or incorrectly printed files into different directories.

  • Most print-relevant parameters can be transferred via the command line or set via configuration file (paper format, resolution, orientation, colour/black and white, BitsPerPixel).

  • With a modification of Ghostscript (see download area) a transfer of the input bin is possible.

  • Additional Ghostscript parameters can also be passed (e.g.: to limit the pages to be printed)

  • GSBatchPrint is freeware; the source code is available at GitHub (MIT license)

However, printing using Ghostscript also has a few disadvantages
  • The paper format and orientation should be transferred and apply to all pages (otherwise Ghostscript may use unwanted formats).
  • Ghostscript rasterises the page for printing. Especially with colour printers, this leads to very large spool and print files. The problem can be reduced by limiting the resolution or colour depth (therefore less suitable for high-quality colour printouts).

A call could look like this:
gsbatchprint -P ColorPrinter -F *.pdf -F files\*.pdf -C 0 -N A4 -I Schacht1 -I Tray1 -n -M OkPath -E ErrPath -l -T 10

Prints all PDF files from the current directory and the subdirectory "files" in black/white (-C 0) to the printer "ColorPrinter".
The sorting is done by name (-n). The tray that contains "Schacht1" or "Tray1" is used as the input tray. (First exact test, then without spaces and then partial string search if necessary).
Successfully printed files are moved to the subdirectory "OkPath", incorrectly printed ones to the directory "ErrPath" (directories are created automatically).
The programme is not terminated after printing but tests the directory again after 10 seconds (-T 10) for files that fit the file mask(s).