SPLViewer: Split mail merge document into individual print jobs when printing

I could hardly believe that Word does not offer a way (at least I found nothing except for various macros) to split a mail merge letter into individual print jobs when printing.

OpenOffice seems to have a way to do this (but it seems to be disabled in version 4.1.10).
SerienDruck – Archiv des LibreOffice- und OpenOffice.org-Wiki (ooowiki.de)

Such a function is useful if the letters are to be archived individually or perhaps PDFs are to be generated from them.

There is a fairly simple way to achieve the functionality with SPLViewer.

The only requirement is that the printer in question spools in EMF format, i.e. uses version 3 drivers.

The following document offers help on page 5 to find a suitable driver:
PrintMulti_Quick_Guide_Troubleshooting_de.pdf (lvbprint.de)

Now do the following:

  • Stop the printer.
  • Activate "Do not delete print jobs after printing" in the advanced print settings (otherwise Windows will choose a name for the print job that SPLViewer will not recognize).
    Alternatively, you can also specify a different spool directory for the printer (how to do this is described here: SPLViewer)
  • Print your mail merge document on the paused printer as usual.
  • Open the SPLViewer. The document should now appear in the job list and when viewing it you should see the output graphically (otherwise it was not an EMF job).
Mail merge document on the stopped printer.Seriendruck auf dem angehaltenem Drucker.
Original mail merge on the paused printer
  • Now print the document again from SPLViewer and select the number of pages per letter in the print job splitting. 
Split file into page ranges when printing.Datei beim Drucken in Seitenbereiche aufteilen.
Split file into page ranges when printing
  • After that, the corresponding number of individual jobs should appear in the job list. These then have a meaningful name.
List of print jobs after split printing.Liste der Druckjobs nach dem aufgeteiltem Drucken.
List of print jobs after split printing
  • After checking that the jobs have been split correctly, you can delete the original job (in the image, the one with JobId 1115).
  • Then simply resume the paused printer and the individual print jobs will tumble out of the printer.