PrintMulti - Duplicate print jobs / simultaneous printing

is a little complicated to configure via ini files, but once you get the hang of it, many options are open to you.

A print job to a (virtual) printer enables
  • the simultaneous output on other prints with multiple changes

    • Change the input tray, duplex setting, paper size, B/W/colour, 
    • the page order or restriction of the pages to be printed
    • the number of pages on a sheet and much more...
  • By using PDF/XPS printers, you can conveniently save the print output to configurable directories at the same time.

  • Macros and conditions are supported, allowing print jobs to be controlled depending on the user, document name or document content, for example.

  • Scripts can be called up after or before execution to enable archiving, e-mailing and much more.

  • with version 2.0, new options were created, some of which are chargeable

    • Saving the print output in graphic files e.g. (multipage) Tiff, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG
    • Adding rectangles/lines, texts, images (e.g. for watermarks, folding marks, ...)
    • Background forms / separator pages from saved SPL files
  • With version 2.0, support for print jobs in RAW format has also been added (EMF offers more possibilities; in case of problems, RAW printing offers a way out in many cases).

    • Change input/output tray for PCL 5 print jobs (complete document only)
    • Creating PDF files with postscript drivers
    • und vielleicht viele Lösungen, die uns noch nicht eingefallen sind.

Here is a short example to give you a first impression.
(there are several more examples in the manual)

Please refer to the manual or the document "Quick Guide - Troubleshooting" for information on how to install the virtual printer.

Use a reasonable editor such as Notepad++ and save the configuration file as "UTF-8-BOM" if necessary, especially if you use special characters

[PrintMulti Color]


Font=Courier New

PaperSource=Fach 1

Printer=Microsoft Print To PDF
A few explanations...
  • Note that the designations on the left differ after "Action". 
  • If the printer driver for the PrintMulti printer is "good-natured" (i.e. creates EMF jobs), then you can also use this with the setting "PrintSelf=1" and dispense with the "ActionPrintMain" action as in the example.
  • Dynamic colour control was used with the action "ActionPrintCopy". The printout is evaluated with each page and in this case returns "true" for the first page. Only the first page will therefore be printed in colour. Activating the commented out setting "LastPage" would cause the last page not to be printed. 
  • When printing the copy, a watermark is printed across the paper (this is an advanced feature, some of which is chargeable) and the paper is taken from another tray
  • The paths are automatically generated when the PDF is created during the third action.

In the manual you will find some detailed examples

The output of ActionPrintCopy would look like this for an example document: