PrintMulti: 5 examples from the manual

The manual currently contains 5 examples with the following content:

  • Example 1: Most common use cases
    Multiple shafts, PDF/XPS generation
  • Example 2: Objects...
    Output rectangles/lines, text and graphic objects to demonstrate watermarks and folding lines.
  • Example 3: Two applications with SaveImage
    • Print out a section e.g. on a label printer
    • Dynamically generate a QR code from the content and print it on the first page.
  • Example 4: Raw printing: modifying a PCL 5 file before printing
    Alternative possibility for modifying shafts by text substitution using SED
  • Example 5: Raw printing: Saving PDF with Postscript driver
    If you use a Postscript driver, you can easily create a PDF file from it with the help of Ghostscript.