PrintMulti: Example to alternating copies

Alternating printing from different trays per page (carbon copy printing)

Dieses Beispiel ermöglicht das Drucken von alternierenden Kopien aus verschiedenen Papierfächern wie früher beim Drucken von Durchschlägen im Simplex Modus.

Many users want copies to be printed alternately from different trays, as was the case with carbon copies, i.e.:
Page 1 Tray 1, Page 1 Tray 2, Page 2 Tray 1, Page 2 Tray 2....

This is currently not possible by conventional means, but with a small extension in version there is a workaround ("AllowRecursion") that allows nested PrintMulti printers.

This example only works with one-sided printing.


Printer=PrintMulti Color1

[PrintMulti Color]

[PrintMulti Color1]

0=Tray 1
1=Tray 2


The example is based on the fact that there are two PrintMulti printers. 
The first "PrintMulti Color" contains an action that creates a copy of each page. It is important that DrvCopies=1 is set. This causes PrintMulti to reprint the page and not rely on the printer driver.
The output is then the second PrintMulti printer "PrintMulti Color1".

This uses the modulo operator with the page number (which starts at 1, so one more is subtracted) to select alternating input compartments.

You can of course create more than one copy in this way by adjusting some parameters.


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